The warning signs that you’ve got osteoporosis is that you have severe back pain that comes on suddenly, even if you just do something simple, such as trying to push a stuck window sill, and then feeling something snap in your back. That’s a vertebral compression fracture. That can happen when you fall, and then have a severe pain in your back. Losing height is another sign that you’ve got osteoporosis, like when you become bent over. So those are some of the signs. So what do we do? Well, as we discussed, make sure you get enough calcium.

Also, men are at risk too, and anyone who has had their hormones like either estrogen or testosterone decreasing. For women, it might be from anorexia. You know, if women have such bad eating disorders and they’re really skinny until their periods stop because their hormones are very low. So it’s important to get anything like that addressed. For men, if they’ve had testicular cancer, and their testosterone is very low, they can be at risk for osteoporosis. And of course, people who smoke have a problem too.