Hello, I’m Seth with Dr. Liz Geriatrics, and I want to take you through the new patient portal that we’ve just brought live with our new system “Kareo”.

So the very first thing that you need to do here is to make sure that you call Jane and give her the patient’s social security number, and applicable credit card information

After, you go to portal.kareo.com. Even though it’s not a Dr. Liz Geriatrics URL, that is the place to get to the portal, let me get signed in and we can talk about that. I made Vid Video, you can see his name, date of birth – contact informations. When you open up the dashboard, you see this, which is a summary of everything that’s going on.

And let me point out here there is one new message. So, we can go to view messages. Let’s send one and then you can see goes to a doctor, we pick Elizabeth, you type another subject, and then your message, then this is a really important part. You can attach files and send them to the docter, this messaging system is the best way to get a hold of us.

If you need the doctor message or through here, clearly if it’s an emergency call 911 – don’t send us a message here

Let’s go back to the dashboard. You can look at your health records. Here were the last labs and studies that were done. Here’s the vitals from the last time that you were physically checked, your medications, and your active prescriptions: when they started, who prescribed them. What, if any, health problem we’re monitoring for you, allergies, and your caretaker. I’m not going to spend any time on payments, because they’re going to be handled directly by Jane. I just want to remind you that you do have to have a credit card on record. And we will be billing that credit card at time of service.

We think Kareo is going to be a really useful helpful tool for us and for our patients. We think it’s going to help us provide more efficient care, more effective care.