The complicated legal web around an elder could include a guardian, fiduciary, an estate professional, and straight up lawyers. Unfortunately, elder individuals are vulnerable to abuse and being taken advantage of from many directions – and you are sometimes the only ones standing in the way of those that would harm the elder individual.

There is a very strong crossover interaction between the medical profession and the legal profession with elder care. Determining whether an elder is competent to make decisions for themselves. Has the elder been physically abused? Are they vulnerable to financial abuse, and have they been so abused?

Dr Liz Geriatrics provides regular educational content that touches on those issues.

Dr Liz Geriatrics Webinars

Some topics of late have been: “The Difficult Discharge – How to Navigate?” “Parkinsons and Lewy Body Dementia” “Difficult Behaviors in Dementia.” As you can see, there’s immediate and direct relevance for you. Please come and see this month’s webinar.

High Noon with Dr Liz

Every Saturday we have new video content up on Facebook as part of our High Noon series. Dr Liz herself presents topics like “Osteoporosis – Is That A Problem?, ” “Risks of Financial Elder Abuse,” “Stop Aging, Prevent Dementia!”. Most sessions are live and provide a fantastic opportunity to interact with a high-level care professional.

Dr Liz Geriatrics Workshops

We produce monthly education webinars where Dr Liz and her compatriots teach important techniques, processes, tips, and tricks. The workshops are specifically tuned to be a Q&A session – they are currently free, but that’s not going to last long! You really should block out an hour on the tuesday of the workshop. Recent topics we’ve covered have been: “When to, if Ever, Place Mom”, and “Communication with Dementia.”

Dr Liz Geriatrics Telehealth

We understand that there’s lots to absorb, and it can be overwhelming. Common areas include assistance on medications, diagnosing and managing dementia, balancing out behavior problems, referrals to care professionals, legal professionals, and financial professionals, among many more possibilities. Whatever is necessary to help your patients live their best lives – that’s what we’re there for. Schedule a session right now!