Other than the elder individual themselves, you are the people closest to the aging process. Spouses, partners, sons and daughters. Nephews and nieces, family friends. The relationships can be complex, the medicine and legalities even more so. Life doesn’t stop as someone ages, and there are beautiful moments to be had.

These moments are easier to find when you have the knowledge necessary to avoid pitfalls and struggles. The knowledge necessary to help your family member live a peaceful, fulfilling life – leaving you with the mental energy and time to live your own beautiful life and not come out of each day beaten and tired.

We have extensive free resources for you, showing you everything from how to travel with your elder to how to manage conflict with them and with other family members to how to handle various common legal issues.

High Noon with Dr Liz

Every Saturday we have new video content up on Facebook as part of our High Noon series. Dr Liz herself presents topics like “Osteoporosis – Is That A Problem?, ” “Risks of Financial Elder Abuse,” “Stop Aging, Prevent Dementia!”. Most sessions are live and provide a fantastic opportunity to interact with a high-level care professional.

Dr Liz Geriatrics Webinars

Monthly educational webinars are available as well, where Dr Liz and her colleagues teach important techniques, processes, and tips. These are aimed at the professional – and are vetted by accrediting organizations so that we can provide Continuing Education Units, but contain a wealth of information valuable for the family caretaker. Please come and see this month’s webinar.

Dr Liz Geriatrics Workshops

The workshops are specifically tuned to be a Q&A session – they are currently free, but that’s not going to last long! You really should block out an hour on the tuesday of the workshop. Recent topics we’ve covered have been: “When to, if Ever, Place Mom”, and “Communication with Dementia.”

Dr Liz Geriatrics Telehealth

We understand that there’s lots to absorb, and it can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a 1:1 telehealth service where Dr Liz’s team will provide you with clear advice to help your elder live their best possible life. Common areas include assistance in hospice issues, recommendations on medications, best practices for care, and many others depending on the unique circumstances of the individual. If you’re at the end of your rope – schedule a session right now!