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Holistic Medical Care and Caregiver Support

Dr Liz Geriatrics is a video “housecalls” practice providing premium geriatric assessments to patients as well as online education through Webinars providing CEUs for yearly professional training requirements, as well as skills to allow care of the most complex senior, with and without dementia. Our team provides TeleHealth support to overwhelmed family, and perplexed professionals on medical issues, medications, as well as help determining needed local services and strategies to defuse difficult situations with the elder with dementia… or family members. Our staff includes board-certified Geriatricians (physicians who specialize in the care of elders), gerontologists, seasoned with years work at the Alzheimer’s Association, and dementia experts who have helped thousands of families determine the key to making life less distressing for elders and themselves. We are experts in medical and behavioral challenges. The Dr Liz Geriatrics Team works in a manner that is expert, humane, realistic, sensitive and honest, while challenging the status quo to improve lives. Our approach has five parts:


For elders with symptoms of memory loss or agitation; there is no cure for dementia*, but often medications or untreated pain could lead to confusion and agitation that can be greatly improved by a skilled Geriatrician’s interventions.

*Rarely, abnormal thyroid, Vitamin B12 or delirium can be corrected to clear brain function, but Alzheimer’s, strokes, and other dementia are not reversible.


We detail how to correct overmedication, and minimize medications. Although we advise treating some conditions, such as pain, aggressively, we work to reduce the overall number of medications.


Older individuals frequently receive care from many sources: physicians, facilities, families and caregivers. We work to support all of them. Let us know the challenge, who is involved and we will work to develop a care plan to address the conflicts.


With our elders, we do not simply treat a disease; we treat the entire person. We advise how to manage their condition proactively—working to prevent potential future issues while managing the current ones. For instance, medication to reduce agitation can worsen mobility and increase the risk of falls. Learning how to avoid irritating the person with dementia or that they need to have more engagement to decrease yelling can lead to better days for the elder and the caregiver. Our specialized expertise enables us to devise treatment plans to address these issues and maximize quality of life and function.


We make video housecalls, and strive to support overstressed families. We have caring staff that will answer your calls. The providers are available via cell phone for urgent medical issues, thus making them easily accessible to the patient and family.

For a TeleHealth appointment, click here -OR- Call 650-357-8834 x 1 with any questions.



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